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Re: no subject
Posted by Serendipidy
5/17/2008  3:02:00 AM
Is the International Style of Dancing a Sport. Of course it is and has been recognised as such for years in some European countries. In those countries it had to be recognised by them as a sport to get access to money and other benifits that is available for other sports. It was a major step forward to be recognised by the IOC but I think only a fool would ever think that it will be part of the Olympics. There are two many problems. Take just one name for instance. The now retired but stiil demonstrating throughout the world Brian Watson. Which country could he represent. He is a South African who has danced for England as well as Germany with partners who are from which country and in turn have danced for a few different countries. Michael Wentink now dances with a Japanese partner for Japan is another. Other problems that come from mixed partnerships, some of them are here today and gone tomorrow, you can figure out for yourselves.
no subject
Posted by casablanca
7/9/2007  10:15:00 PM
I would say as I always tell people....Dancing is "the Sport of the Arts" you do the math! Enjoy! and keep on Dancing
Re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by ladytan25
10/8/2007  6:59:00 PM
Who says there is no competition in Ballet???? My sister took bellet very seriously for many years and was even accepted into some prestigious ballet schools in Boston and NYC. Ballet is VERY compeitive. After all, who dosen't want to a be a prima dona ballerinia? Who dosen't want the middle of the stage as thier own? Don't let the sweet ballerina's act fool you, they want the spotlight all to themseles and will do ANYTHING to get it. My sister was ALWAYS complaning about the "other girl" who got the lead this time ( even if she was the better one the next). Ballet's tougher and more physically demanding then we think. Same goes with ballroom as it can get highly competitive.
Re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by Anonymous
10/9/2007  3:11:00 PM
Ballroom Dancing is officially recognised as a sport. When the IDSF tied us to the IOC (International Olympic Committee } I wonder if they ever believed that Ballroom dancing would ever be an Olyimpic Sport. There are to many obsticles in the way. One is. Can a South African born, dancing for Germany with a German partner ever represent Germany. Or could they both represent South Africa. There are so many mixed partnerships. We have Americans dancing with Russians. English with Australian and so on. It is never going to work. In some countries we have representing that country couples of which neither of them were born in that country. To be continued, I'm sure.
Re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by terence2
10/9/2007  9:52:00 PM
Simple solution-- the man assumes the country of origin in mixed couples .
The representation , for non residents, in their own country, could be by selection from the parent country of the couples in Q .

team matches and formations would not be a problem .
The bigger Q-- would it be all Amat ?-- basketball has virtually all prof,s , as well as show jumping .
Re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by Anonymous
10/10/2007  4:06:00 PM
Terence2. The same rules must apply right across the board whether it be Dancing, Tennis, Soccer or whatever. A very highly ranked ladies tennis doubles pair are one from the USA and the other from Australia. They would have to split if they were to take part in an Olympic event. Do you think that for one moment that the best dancing pair in any country are going to pair up with another and put their real partnership on hold for a few months if they are selected
Re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by terence2
10/10/2007  11:59:00 PM
Case in point-- J. Wilkins ( UK ) with Katusha- representing the USA.. Jon, could-- if he so chose-- represent u.k.

The determining factor should be the citizenry , of the Male in the partnership, irrespective of habitat .

Re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by Anonymous
10/11/2007  2:42:00 AM
Terence2. Don't you think that the same rule must apply to all Olympic Sports. Could I be part of a relay team running for Jamaca in one Olympics and running for the USA in the other four years later. If it were allowed we would have the poaching of athletes on a large scale to bolster up an Olyimpic team.. Unless you believe that special dispensation should be given to Ballroom dancers. The names you used are one is from the UK and the partner is from Russia. Both are dancing out of the USA. To make it more difficult both are Professional. And the WDC is not a part of the IOC. The IDSF which is, is Amateur. It is an impossible situation.
Re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by slowfox
10/11/2007  10:44:00 AM
Speaking of which...rumors are flying. Could get very interesting (Jonathon/Katusha no more...new partnerships?)
Re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by Snapple
10/11/2007  9:33:00 PM
The quick and simple is that it is both. Ballroom has all of the physical advantages of a sport, but it allows for artisitic expression.

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