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the "dip"
Posted by cal pauley
3/2/2003  8:22:00 PM
Need to hear from the ladies if they like doing the dips. I heard a radio comentator say that she thought all ladies loved to be dipped. If this is true I will learn how to do a good effective dip. Can some of you male dancers help out here if we find that the girls do love and want to be dipped?
re: the "dip"
Posted by MSC
3/12/2003  2:27:00 PM
Also try to make sure the lady is holding her center together before you dip her. I've dipped 150+ lb ladies, and they felt light as a feather, and I've dipped 90 lb ladies, and they felt like a block of lead. If they feel too loose through the torso, it's a bad idea to try to dip them.
re: the "dip"
Posted by Vince A
3/13/2003  9:57:00 AM
cal pauley:

Interesting . . . I have had females that do not know how to dip, even though I know my part very well!

twnkltoz . . . hit it right on the head. The female should be able to hold a dip by herself. If executed properly, the leader should be able to completely let go, and the lady (follower) should be able to maintain that dip.

If you properly place your hand, say the right, in the middle of her back, 'somewhere around' count 4, to hit a dip and a "break" on (the music's) count 5 in a WCS, the female should be able to support herself, thus allowing you to free up your left hand, thrusting it out for styling, all the while your right hand is over and across her front gently supporting her underneath on the back.

Some dips, such as a form of the dip, the "rag doll," takes lots of practice to lead and execute without physical damage to the female.

Keep doing the 'dips,' I've found that dips, done properly and sensually, are welcomed by a lady! Be sure to look directly into her eyes if social dancing, however, if you are posing on a break in competition, in that case, look at the audience directly in front of you
re: the "dip"
Posted by Dronak
3/3/2003  9:23:00 AM
Good points, twnkltoz. Since I was never taught how to lead dips, that's not something you typically cover in syllabus classes, I don't do them. Maybe once or twice a woman has "shown" me back kind of backleading herself into one, but that was really rare and never happens anymore. There are also some dips that I probably wouldn't do even I was taught how to do them. Some seem a little too dangerous and I wouldn't want to put my partner in that danger. Taking the risk yourself is one thing, putting it on your partner is something completely different and I won't do that. However, standard picture lines aren't really the same thing and I like them, too. I happen to prefer standard anyway, so I generally like the look of standard lines over dips. I should learn a few more, too, even if without an exit and only to do at the very end of a dance. Hmm, I took a workshop on picture lines years ago, maybe I should dig out those notes and see if I've got enough experience now to be able to do some of the ones we covered decently well. So yeah, I think I'd second twnkltoz's comments -- learn the proper way to do dips before you try them. Otherwise use things like standard picture lines; some of them are even syllabus (e.g., waltz Contra Check, tango Oversway).

James Marshall

re: the "dip"
Posted by Vince A
3/18/2003  10:36:00 AM
You mentioned "picture lines" . . . I've never ever heard this term. What is it? Maybe I'm doing them and call it something else?

How did the jack and jills go on Sunday? Did you compete/win? Are those held at The Ballroom?
re: the "dip"
Posted by twnkltoz
3/18/2003  2:17:00 PM
Vince, see the thread on picture lines...that should answer your question fairly thoroughly. I don't think they use that term in country dancing.
re: the "dip"
Posted by TalN
3/12/2003  1:10:00 PM
Originally posted by Kevin Laddison:
In my experience women love to be dipped when they are physically able to do the dip, and when the leader is able to control the dip and protect the follower.


I would say that is the key.

I am in complete agreement with twnkltoz about taking that 50/50 plunge to the floor. I never got hurt when my lead didn't have control, but I figure if I ever land on my back I probably take him down with me.

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