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Re: Cost of private lessons
Posted by TundraDancingGal
1/20/2016  9:09:00 AM
I use an independent location for lessons, at our local Art Center. They charge about $10 for group, less if you join the Art Center and buy a "punch card". It's $90.00 for 12 punches for drop-in classes. When I take a private lesson there, I pay $50.00. Several times my instructor and I used a different location (I needed practice rooms for an event) and I still paid my instructor the same $50, plus the $10-20 for the room. (Yes, our local Y and other locations were VERY accommodating.) I've also taken a couple of private lessons while traveling and the prices were more than this. However, it was with a 5 time world-champion who had recently opened his own studio and only one other person came for the "group" class. So I got essentially a private lesson for $50.00.

Other private studios in our general area charge about $60-$150 depending on the instructor. When my husband started out, we looked at, I'll just say nation-wide dance studios; we weren't comfortable with the cost or program. We're about 60 miles from any large-metro area, but when we decided to take our first lessons, I was surprised how many options there were in our small city or within 30 miles, for taking lessons. We still take group lessons, for the camaraderie, but I won't drop my private ones as they're so beneficial.
Re: Cost of private lessons
Posted by xfactornagpur
1/13/2016  4:22:00 AM
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Re: Cost of private lessons
Posted by student like you
1/19/2016  1:54:00 AM
After exploring many different scenarios, I came to a conclusion, that I will only deal with those instructors/studios, that will accommodate my request to pay one lesson at a time. Indeed, I am offered savings, should I choose to buy a package - but I decided for myself not to - for all the reasons that you listed. It turns out, that the best professionals have no problem with that - they are secure, that if you are happy with their work, you will come back. I learned to disengage from any situations where there is any sign of pressure - good practice even outside the ballroom dance world. I have been working with the same teacher for the past three years - $90 per private lesson. I researched and interviewed several others and took trial lessons before finding exactly what I was looking for; and yes - I had been burned by the package deals before. Live and learn...
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