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Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by terence2
6/15/2011  3:21:00 AM
And,, they started off with Latin hustle ,
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by tybaldt
4/25/2009  8:27:00 PM
so anyway, the IHDA I-H-D-A.com has a hustle syllabus out through DVIDA, which also has several hustle videos.


is a great site for the hustle scene
Re: Hustle Technique
11/29/2010  1:37:00 PM
I appreciate your reply to J/boro. Dancing is dancing ( Hustle is evil?/ Argentine Tango got started by the underprivileged drunks in the dark little nightclubs in the barrios of Argentina, Merengue was initiated by slaves chained to metal balls in some ship ports in Latin America) and art by itself it doesn't really matter how it got started or what level of popularity or acceptance it might have in the industry.
Posted by jofjonesboro
11/29/2010  1:58:00 PM
Are you seriously trying to qualify the Hustle as an art form?

Re: Art?
Posted by terence2
11/30/2010  4:11:00 AM
I guess, in a broad sense, ALL dance is " art ". Whether we like or dislike is in the "eye" of the beholder ; classic e.g. , Picasso .
Re: Art?
Posted by jofjonesboro
11/30/2010  12:44:00 PM
I guess, in a broad sense, ALL dance is " art ".

Perhaps in the same sense that dance is a sport.

Re: Art?
Posted by terence2
12/1/2010  1:23:00 AM
First, we need to define " Sport "..

A contest between individuals or groups,; giving something a " sporting " chance, as in to win or lose.
Olympic Ice skating has a dance section..so.. is that NOT sport ?( a lot of ballroom figures are used, and, in fact, a latin coach was used for Torvil and Dean )
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by dancestyles
6/27/2017  2:45:00 PM
Disco is not a partners dance, it essentially two disconnected humans on a floor waving their arms around.
Latin Hustle is a VERY connected partners dance, and complicated in the hands of the competant. Quite beautiful too.

By claiming that "Hustle is disco", you have admitted that you have no idea what you are talking about.
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by dancestyles
6/27/2017  2:50:00 PM
There is no "tap left" or "tap right" in Latin Hustle!
Where is this coming from???
Why are people just making stuff up and posting on this blog?

There are plenty of videos of world champions out there to prove it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cPt0AuX-TM
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by
7/5/2017  1:46:00 AM

The original latin hustle as taught in the 70s ( I attended the 1st Prof only mini congress in Fla) the "dance " was agreed upon, from structural point, was very close to WCS, and a " Tap" was the commencing movement as in Tap step in place for man and lady then moving into a horizontal plane ( a coaster ).

So.. what you are seeing today, is a version that makes false claims in name.

Re vamping original dance forms. is invariably a marketing tool. This has happened in Mambo ( to salsa ) and T/Arg has more styles than I can count.

Even Bachata ,has now become re organised. A

nd do you not realise that, ALL the Intern style BR dances, bare little resemblance to the originals

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