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Video Speed
Posted by ericauerbach
7/5/2017  7:31:00 AM
For Ballroomdancers.com videos that are on You Tube, you can control the speed by clicking on the gear. Is there a way to control the speed for videos on the Ballroomdancers.com web site?
Re: Video Speed
Posted by Jonathan Atkinson
7/6/2017  4:50:00 AM
Actually, yes there is.

We just unveiled an upgrade to the website that contains a video player with variable speeds. However, it doesn't work in every browser, so if you don't see it, you may need to try another browser. I know for a fact that it does work in Google Chrome.

If your browser supports the feature, you will see a small "1x" in the lower right-hand corner of the video player, just to the left of the full screen icon. When you click on that, it will pop up a list of speeds for you to choose from, including 0.25x (quarter speed), 0.5x (half speed), 0.75x (three quarter speed) and 1x (full speed).

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Video Speed
Posted by socialdancer
7/6/2017  3:13:00 PM
Just took a very quick look at the new site Jonathan.

Cha Cha variation of the week ran at four selectable speeds 100%, 75%, 50% with audio and 25% without audio. Great stuff.

That was using FireFox v54
Re: Video Speed
Posted by Administrator
7/7/2017  10:41:00 PM
Hi SocialDancer,

I'm glad to hear the variable speed worked for you in Firefox. Are you on a Mac or PC?

So far, the verified list of supporting browsers includes the latest versions of each of the following:

  • Google Chrome for Mac and PC
  • Firefox (Mac/PC?)
  • Safari for Mac

If anybody else is using a different browser and would like to report your results, please let us know here! I'll update the list as results come in.

Jonathan Atkinson

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