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An age old question
Posted by TangoTim
10/29/2003  8:48:00 PM
I'm putting together a power point presentation on Dance for college and I was wondering if anyone knew any good websites. One of the topics I have picked is whether dance is a sport or an art. If any one knows a website that debates this topic I would appreciate the help. I am also looking for any good Dance quotes. I had a great screen saver from Dance vision that had a several good quotes but my hard drive crashed and I lost it. Thanks in advance. I think this would be a great way to help promoting dancesport.
re: An age old question
Posted by phil.samways
10/30/2003  2:21:00 AM
Here's a link for some quotes.
It's a dance magazine run by Fred Bolder. Go to
Go to the "archive" section and select August 2003. This edition of the dance magazine has some good quotes near the end.
Can't help you much on discussion about sport/art etc. We could have a discussion on this message board, of course
re: An age old question
Posted by peetjedanst
11/6/2003  12:50:00 AM
in the Netherlands, dancing is recognized as a sport in 1993 by the "Nederlandse sportfederatie" (=Dutch sportfederation).
If I have time, I will look for some information for you. When does your presentation have to be ready?
And I agree that the presentation is a great way to help promoting dancesport. So I think it's great you want to do this!!!
re: An age old question
Posted by Ickle_angel
11/8/2003  5:38:00 AM
i think dance is both sport and art...
re: An age old question
Posted by Don
11/17/2003  2:41:00 AM
Dancing is.
Moving to beautiful music.
Creating shapes in space.
And entering into that wonderful
word of make believe.

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