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Looking for a trainer in S.F.
Posted by curl
8/28/1999  7:19:00 AM
I´m a competition dancer from Germany. Next year I stay a few month in San Francisco for buisness. I´m looking for a professional trainer for high level Latin & Ballroom international Style.
Perhaps you can give me a hint.
re: Looking for a trainer in S.F.
Posted by kyla
9/10/1999  1:47:00 PM
My teachers are Tytus and Silke Bergstom. (She is from Germany by the way). They teach everywhere, Allegro, Stars, Pick Studio, and they are wonderful!!!! I'd contact Allegro Ballroom in Emeryville to get a number or watch them work.
re: Looking for a trainer in S.F.
Posted by curl
8/31/1999  6:52:00 PM
Hello again,

thanks for your reply.

I look on the URL and I have some Questions.

I visit the German open Championships in Mannheim last week, but I see only two couples from the USA.
Shvarts, Anatoliy - Golbert, Renata Professional Latin and
Chmerkovskiy, Maksim - Togni, Samanta
Amateurs Latin.
So its very difficult for me to compare the level of dancing in the USA with Germany.
I dance in the second highest amateur class ,and with a little luck at the next regional championships in September I move up to the A-class.

I look for a real high level trainer.(and a dancepartner?!? ) )I look at the webpage of the Metronome Ballroom but there are no infos about competition classes. I think also that a beginner class isnt the right thing for me.

I dont no much about the conditions and organisation of competitiondancing in the USA. Where can I get some informations about it? Perhaps it is possible to compete in the USA with a US partner.

Thanks again



re: Looking for a trainer in S.F.
Posted by Jonathan Atkinson
8/31/1999  2:39:00 AM

I recommend Hannah Cole, or Mark Weise & Valentina Kostenko. I don't have their contact info, but you can get in touch with them through the Metronome Ballroom in San Francisco. www.metronomeballroom.com

Jonathan Atkinson

Looking for a trainer in S.F.
Posted by curl
9/15/1999  9:51:00 AM
Thanks kyla,

I will do this.


[This message has been edited by curl (edited 09-15-1999).]

Re: re: Looking for a trainer in S.F.
Posted by Anonymous
5/31/2006  11:47:00 AM
I know this post is very old, but I found it 'cause I was searching on the web something about Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Samanta Togni
They're no longer dancing together, but I know they danced in Usa some years ago.

Do you know anything else, or do you have any picture or video about them

Thank you so much
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