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Re: When did it change?
Posted by terence2
4/29/2009  11:23:00 AM
The variations beyond the very basic,that were implemented, were much too complex to have been " invented " by club people.. for e.g. Whips, to name but one....
Re: When did it change?
Posted by FivePointsLauren
6/28/2016  11:20:00 AM
Arthur Murray syllabus counted it "&1, 2 3" in 1986.

Noticing renewed interest in Hustle (6/16). Looking for more of that syllabus than what's in my head
Re: When did it change?
Posted by nloftofan1
6/29/2016  9:25:00 AM
There's a difference between "its" (used by terence2) and "it's" (used in your response). Your substitution changes the meaning entirely.
Re: When did it change?
Posted by dancestyles
6/27/2017  2:40:00 PM
There were a few 4 and 6 counts steps using the word "hustle", but they were not.
There is ONLY one hustle since 1980, also known as Latin Hustle, or NY Hustle, with a sylabus.
It is expressed as &1,2,3

All other versions are unrecognized, untaught, and non-sylabus dances that are trying to rip off the word hustle.

There is also a line dance, often referred to as "The Hustle", which is not part of this conversation as it is NOT a partners dance!
Re: When did it change?
Posted by terence
7/5/2017  1:26:00 AM

The timing you quoted is "3" count and that, is NOT latin hustle .And yes, that style ( based upon E Coast swing ) did emerge in the 80s.

The original Latin, was closely aligned with WCS, but, danced on a more horizontal plane and different timing.

In all my years teaching latin hustle ( in a US major metro city ) ,from the onset, never did anyone request 3 count .
Re: When did it change?
Posted by terence2
7/6/2017  3:28:00 AM
Only one style since 1980 ?....

I was teaching latin hustle in a major southern US city , all thru the 80S. and adjudicating it . The timing you quoted is 3 count ( or street style ).

Chain schools taught both .And to add to the mix, a merengue style was the forerunner seen in clubs, before the more advanced version took place.
Re: When did it change?
Posted by Geey Branzy
9/25/2021  6:14:00 AM
I think it's possible

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