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My boyfriend is a dance instructor should I be jea
Posted by Alice
6/5/2007  2:32:00 PM
Okay, my boyfiend is a dance instructor and I love him. However, all my friends tell me I should be jealous and careful. He dances with many women during the day and it's easy for him to cheat.....What should I do? Can anyone offer advice or share experiences???? I trust him.....but they state that he is placed in a situation were students can fall for their instructor....
Re: My boyfriend is a dance instructor should I be
Posted by Ellen
6/8/2007  12:38:00 AM
A man who wants to cheat will find a way to, regardless of where he works.

A man who doesn't want to cheat will not cheat, even if he works in a strip joint.

Talk to your boyfriend about this. Most dance instructors know that students often develop crushes on their teachers and most consider it an occupational hazard, not something they particularly enjoy having to handle.

"Friends" who say such things are troublemakers. It all comes down to the kind of person your boyfriend is--and if he is the kind of person who would take advantage of a teacher-student relationship for his jollies, you don't want him anyway.
Re: My boyfriend is a dance instructor should I be
Posted by Erin
6/8/2007  9:05:00 AM

My boyfriend is also a dance instructor and has been for many years. I know how hard it can be.

You have to have faith in him and trust him. I know it's easier said than done, but that's the case with any relationship.

Remember, this is his job. In my case, it also happens to be my boyfriend's passion. I've never doubted him. I trust him completely because I know he is a professional. People have asked, "Doesn't it kill you to see him with other women?" Sure, it's hard sometimes. But, all he's doing is sharing his passion for dance with others (and making a living to support his family).

Have you tried taking lessons and sharing his passion? I think that's helped our relationship. Don't get me wrong, taking lessons from your significant other is a HUGE challenge, but it's so worth it. I love dancing with him and I understand why he does what he does.

If he's never given your reason to doubt him, then you shouldn't. If he's a man of principle, then he would never "date" a student or be untrue to you.

Good luck to you! And, go dance with him!!

Re: My boyfriend is a dance instructor should I be
Posted by DennisBeach
6/9/2007  8:27:00 PM
The fact he is a dance instructor does not increase his chance of cheating. Most studios stress not getting involved with students, since it is a bad busines practise. Instructors violating this directives by the studio, would be placing their job at risk. Unlike most professions were people have a lot of contact with members of the opposite sexs.
no subject
Posted by peter_kosmas
6/25/2007  12:16:00 PM
Jealousy is the art of injuring ourselves more than others.

Alexandre Dumas (1802 - 1870)
no subject
Posted by Reality sucks
6/25/2007  1:45:00 PM
There are lots of well meaning dancers giving you their two cents here which is nice. The fact is most dance instructors and others at the studios I have been at have had multiple marriages. This is also a reflection of the society trend. Good luck
no subject
Posted by IconDance
6/25/2007  1:58:00 PM
I am a male dance instructor. It's true, I dance with women all day long. Some of them hotter then my girlfriend. Simple truth is though, I love her, so I don't get tempted.
Re: My boyfriend is a dance instructor should I be
Posted by Ms.Beasley
10/7/2015  11:46:00 AM
Yes,,, always be on guard. Men are stupid, and women who come to dance usually are looking for attention which can turn quickly. He should NEVER give any student his cell number or personal email. All comms go through the studio. When he travels for comps....unless you go too...who knows what goes on. Dancers in ballroom are a tad loose with sex.....enjoy the hell.
Re: My boyfriend is a dance instructor should I be
Posted by ballroomchick
10/8/2015  11:00:00 AM
Ms. Beasley

This is a really old post, but to answer you. You ASSUME all instructors are owned by a studio. MANY are independent. If an independent instructor does not give you his cell # HOW will the student know when he/she is running late? Car broke down? Kid is sick and they have to stay home with them - etc., etc., etc.???

My instructor is married. His wife use to teach, but has moved on to work in a diff industry. He honors his marriage vows. Yes he does have to be careful and apply the correct attention to his female students as well as his wife and daughters. Maybe because Ive experienced the overload of syrupy, sugary BS from Arthur Murray **AND** Ive heard my instructor tell about The Manual - Freds and Arthur Murray have to teach this BS. I can know the difference of flirtation to pull the best dancing moves out of a student and what is real.

So my suggestion would be:

If youre the jealous type. DO NOT date a dance instructor.

If not - do your home work before you get involved. Check out their record. Everyone in the studio will know if an instructor is willing to trade services. In any studio stetting everyone pretty much knows everyone elses business.

Re: My boyfriend is a dance instructor should I be jea
Posted by Gakket Darrey
8/24/2020  11:59:00 AM
It seems to me that you need to trust your partner more.
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