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is Ballroom Dancing a sport
Posted by Damien
10/30/2003  2:24:00 PM
is Ballroom Dancing a sport
re: is Ballroom Dancing a sport
Posted by Sarcastic Smoothie
10/30/2003  3:26:00 PM
Originally posted by Damien:
is Ballroom Dancing a sport

Don't know, but trolling obviously is!
re: is Ballroom Dancing a sport
Posted by bphii
11/4/2003  12:20:00 AM
Well actually, there are champion sumo wrestlers that hail from the asian countries, and I suppose you could call some of them overweight. If you do, just don't stick around for long, or you may not be dancing for a few weeks

But otherwise I agree that dancing is a sport when taken to the competitive level. About any sport I can think of has a set of rules and guidlines to 'play'. At the competitive level the rules are subjective baised on the patterns and judges.

Social dancing could be compared to a pickup game of any sport, people are more interested in enjoying themselves on the floor than concerned with how they look and the technicallity of the performance.
re: is Ballroom Dancing a sport
Posted by phil.samways
10/31/2003  2:55:00 AM
The problem with this question is that you have to define the word 'sport'.
We accept ballet is an art form, not a sport, and competitve ballroom dancing is a very close cousin.
Of course, there are elements common with sport - the mental and physical challenge and all that goes with those things, but the over-riding criterion for success in dancing is that you LOOK good. There are no objective criteria.
Some other sports are the same - diving, gymnastics and ice dancing come to mind.
But for me (and i accept that this is purely a personal position) real sports involve fastest, longest, highest.
Michael Johnson would be eliminated in the 1st round of the 400 metres if the criteria used for dancing were applied as he has the 'wrong' style of running. And who cares if the javeline gold medallist isn't smiling?
Dancing is primarily an art form performed for the pleasure of the competitors and spectators
re: is Ballroom Dancing a sport
Posted by KC
11/3/2003  4:11:00 PM
Phil- LOL. Indeed, the dance world is _slow_ to accept change! Even so, change is constantly with us, and Michael Johnson might find his style much touted if it brought some new efficiency or new dynamic to his performance (as it does indeed).

I personally find all dancing to be sport...more so even than many activities that people would automatically call a sport. For instance: Running. No one is arguing if this is a sport. However, professional dancers perform similar feats of endurance (proven!) while using their muscle control a great deal more. Simply because we enjoy watching dance does not mean it cannot be a sport. Even in football (Am. style there is a lot of beauty in the perfect spiral the timing of great players and the amazing leaps and runs they make. That's why we love to watch. How is dancing different?

Some argue that it's because dancign is emotive...but so is all sport. Once again, that's why we love it so...the drama, the tragedy, the sacrifice and the joy. It's the same in any sport.

Finally...I would say that there is not a particular "look" that wins in ballroom if you mean body type. We've had champions of every body: short, thick, tall, skinny, muscular and lean. We have no overweight champions I suppose...but I don't see many overweight champions in anything I would call a sport.

I know many see it differently, but sport to me is the intensive honing of one's physical and mental capabilites to be able to perfect a specific physical act. The more difficult this endeavor the more challenging the sport. By my standards Dancesport is certainly a sport and it should be a very respected one.
re: is Ballroom Dancing a sport
Posted by Ickle_angel
11/8/2003  5:41:00 AM
yes of course. it should count as a sport as any other thing does. its also an art though...best of both worlds i say
Re: re: is Ballroom Dancing a sport
Posted by Anonymous
10/10/2007  4:13:00 PM
In some countries dancing has been classed as a sport long before Dancesport was formed. For years in some places it has been a part of their Institute of Sport and money has been made available from their government just like it is to their other sports.
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