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Triple Step in Swing
Posted by carol020
7/6/2009  4:58:00 PM
I'm having a hard time picking up the triple step in EC swing. The video on this site isn't helping me much. My question is how similar is the chasse in EC swing to the chasse in Cha Cha? I'm taking a class but for some reason, I can't pick it up and would like to work on it before a practice party on Friday. Thanks.
Re: Triple Step in Swing
Posted by ballroomdancer14
7/6/2009  6:51:00 PM
Ah yes! The EC Swing... its not like the Chasse in cha cha, because in cha cha you are actually moving to the side, in EC swing its more of a quick shift of weights. Does that make any sense?
Re: Triple Step in Swing
Posted by terence2
7/6/2009  11:49:00 PM
Thats how its taught in many of the studios in the States.
I trained my teachers to " compress" the triple action, but both ways will work.. just keep the " travel " to a minimum and keep your back breaks small .
Re: Triple Step in Swing
Posted by carol020
7/7/2009  3:22:00 AM
Thanks that makes sense. I think I've been traveling too much.
Re: Triple Step in Swing
Posted by Telemark
7/7/2009  8:48:00 AM
Don't overlook the timing difference: the triple step chasse is timed 1a2 (like Samba).
Re: Triple Step in Swing
Posted by dancememphis
7/7/2009  10:14:00 AM
When I learned swing the triple was pretty much in place, or sometimes a truc chasse--it hardly matters. Now (some) instructors teach it with the first 2 steps in place under the body and the third moving a little to the side. The mnemonic is "little, little, big."
Re: Triple Step in Swing
Posted by Waltz123
7/7/2009  9:13:00 PM
Don't overlook the timing difference: the triple step chasse is timed 1a2 (like Samba).
Sort of like Samba, except that in most swing music, the "a" count is 1/3 of a beat, not 1/4. This is called Triplet or Swing Feel. When the music is played this way, there is no debating how it splits: It is always 2/3, 1/3.

For the music that is played "straight" (as opposed to swung), one can make a decision between splitting the beat in half, like Cha Cha, or into 3/4, 1/4, like Samba. Not all EC Swing dancers prefer the 3/4 feel. And although 3/4 is the official split for Jive, it's questionable whether that's really what's done in practical application. The faster the music, the more even the subdivision -- Jazz musicians will tell you the same thing. Jive is extremely fast, so dancing at a true 3/4, 1/4 subdivision is more a theory than a reality.

I've had this discussion here a few times before, and I hope not to start yet another nitpicky debate about the intricacies of beat subdivision (And if one starts, I'd prefer to split it off onto another thread). What I really want to point out is that the 1/4 beat interpretation of the second step of the triple is not especially necessary to capture the style of swing.

In other words, what I'm saying in my roundabout and typically long-winded fashion, is that I suggest Carol focus more on the movement than the timing. Or at least, not get bogged down by microscopic details of the timing.

As to what in the movement, I think the footwork, knees, and even possibly introductory hip action (depending on ability) are good areas of focus to help improve the feeling of the triple step, and in particular, help set the Swing triple apart from the Cha Cha. I'll elaborate if requested, but this message is long enough. :)

Re: Triple Step in Swing
Posted by Telemark
7/8/2009  2:55:00 PM
The answer here has to be to dance with the music. If it has the typical 'swing' rhythm, then dance with it, and the beat division becomes 2/3 1/3 1. Otherwise, the 3/4 1/4 1 that is normally the interpretation of 1a2 (as it is defined in the recognised Technique) will never be out of place, although the speed of the music, and the freedom of expression that is appropriate to the dance style, makes the 'strict' division of each beat redundant. Dance with the music. Always.
Re: Triple Step in Swing
Posted by carol020
7/8/2009  2:56:00 PM
Thanks Jonathan. I must admit I never really thought about hip action in swing. Moving my hips a bit helped me pick up the movement.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and advice.
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