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Posted by michael
3/25/2003  4:49:00 PM
Diamant, Angelo Luzio, Capezio .... I've been unable to find review of these shoes on the web or various library databases. Could anyone indicate what the characteristics of these shoes are, or compare them to eachother, etc.? Thanks very much.

Michael/Edmonton, Canada
re: Shoes
Posted by Rhiana
4/23/2003  2:04:00 PM
On another note but still about shoes. I am still on my first pair of shoes but it seems like the thin suede sole is going to wear out way before the rest of the shoe. Is it normal to have the soles replaced at a shoemaker/repair shop? I take my cowboy boots in to be re-soled and to have scuff pads put on all the time. Do ballroom dancers replace the suede on the bottom to make the shoes last longer?
Also, I'm sorry if my questions seem so very basic but here's another one...
The dance supply store insisted I buy a wire brush to clean the bottoms of my shoes but it seems like if I use these harsh wires on the suede soles that it will tear the soles to shreds. Do I really use this brush on my shoes?
re: Shoes
Posted by Blair
4/22/2003  10:51:00 AM
I have worn Diamant shoes and have generally been disappointed with their durability compared to other brands I've worn (Supadance, Elegance). A common complaint with the men's black smooth leather shoes is that the leather peels.

I currently wear Supadance for latin and Elegance for smooth. These choices are mainly because they fit my feet better and are more comfortable to wear.

re: Shoes
Posted by dolphindancer
4/24/2003  12:51:00 AM
Originally posted by NewDanceGirl:
The dance supply store insisted I buy a wire brush to clean the bottoms of my shoes but it seems like if I use these harsh wires on the suede soles that it will tear the soles to shreds. Do I really use this brush on my shoes?

While some people brush their shoes almost everytime they wear them. I don't. I use the brush sideways and gently on the soles only if they are slick or I got something on the bottom of them that I need to get off.
re: Shoes
Posted by Vince A
3/26/2003  1:37:00 PM

Not sure if this will help or not . . . I have not found a site that you are seeking . . . but can say that I have been through all those shoes. They all do what they are supposed to do; some are better than others; some last longer than others - you get what you pay for!

I personally have gone to Dance Natural shoes from Italy, which cost slightly more, but work for me and my feet. I tend to lean more toward Tango/Latin type shoes . . .

If you find a site . . . let us all know???
re: Shoes
Posted by twnkltoz
4/23/2003  4:46:00 PM
I've worn out the uppers of many shoes...they were literally threadbare. I've never worn out the bottom! I don't brush my soles unless they get too slick (from dancing on a floor that's been waxed recently) or dirty. I'll go months or a year without brushing my shoes! I understand they last longer if you brush them, though.
re: Shoes
Posted by Blair
4/23/2003  3:41:00 PM
I have heard of dancers having new suede soles put on their shoes. You can buy the pre-cut soles from the dance shoemaker. However, it is uncommon for the sole to wear out first, even with frequent brushing. And, yes we really use the wire brush on the soles. It doesn't cause as much wear as you may think. I have been through a half dozen pairs of shoes and never worn out the soles. I have, however, worn out the uppers on the shoes and I've even worn out a couple shoe brushes.

re: Shoes
Posted by championdancesport
4/21/2003  10:09:00 PM
I have worn Diamant and Capezio.

I was very disappointed with my Capezio shoes, and I have had students who were disappointed as well. I hasten to add that this is a new brand which does seem to be making suggested changes with each new line and style. Capezio is extremely thin on the bottom. The nap of the suede seems much shorter to me than most other makers'. Also, the shoe between suede and foot is extremely thin. The interior linings are glued very weakly and are guaranteed to start peeling at the open toe within a few hours. Their "strappy" shoes tend to have edges that I find rather sharp (thin leather). Finally, these shoes deteriorated much more rapidly than others that I have owned.

That stated...Capezio's are somewhat less expensive ($10 -$30) and they have several styles that I like the look of. They are distributed EVERYWHERE it seems and so are a good choice for shoes to be bought locally. I confess I haven't tried the new styles.

I am addicted to Dance Naturals with an occasional pair of Supadance.

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