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other types of dance classes
Posted by tiffany
2/19/2010  4:04:00 PM
Im very serious about being the best dancer I can be. Given that Im in my early 30s and Ive only been ballroom dancing for a couple of months, what additional dance/exercise classes could help? I'm thinking of trying an adult jazz/hip hop class.

Alsoto be a good dancer, is it totally necessary to go to dance gatherings in addition to group/private classes? I dont mind doing performances or even competitionsbut Im a little uneasy with the club scene.
Re: other types of dance classes
Posted by dheun
2/19/2010  9:32:00 PM
I'm not sure what the ladies will post as their replies on this question, but as a male who watches Fred Astaire and his footwork, I would say I wish I had become more adept at tap dancing years ago. It seems like it would transfer over to better skills in many facets of dance.
For the proper lines and fluid arm movements, and good spot-turns, I can say that when I dance with women who had a lot of ballet in their youth, it seems they pick up those facets quite well.
Re: other types of dance classes
Posted by Ladydance
2/20/2010  6:11:00 AM
I think that going to "dance gatherings" or parties is important if you want to learn to be a good follower. Following is difficult and in lessons, when you are only working on one thing at a time, you don't get much practice. Performances and competitions are completely different events. You learn a choreographed routine and perform it. Many schools seem to take the easy way out and only teach routines. The men don't learn how to lead and the women don't know how to follow. They can only dance with each other.
Adult jazz and hip hop might help with flexibility and staying on beat but will do nothing for your partnering skills.
Re: other types of dance classes
Posted by belleofyourball
2/20/2010  11:39:00 PM

Trust me, the dances they are telling you to go to do not resemble the club scene in any way shape or form. In a club almost no one actually knows how to dance, at dance gatherings there is rarely alcohol and yes there are a few jerks of both sexes but they exist everywhere in every facet of life. You just have to learn to deal with them in a way that helps them understand you aren't interested without doing anything that would make you less of a nice person.

Now....to the question. I actually rarely go to group, but it is only because I am 5 hours round trip from where I dance. I should go and group classes can really add a lot. It gives you a gauge for your progress, an opportunity to practice and build stamina and a chance to build community with fellow dancers. You aren't dancing in a magical bubble filled with happy sunny light that reflects a better dancer than exists. Instructors (mine isn't one of them) can make you feel like you are better than you are and this can keep you from pushing yourself the way you should.

For outside activities, it really depends on you but I just don't see jazz/hip hop helping. They aren't the same at all. If you are planning on going that route, take modern and skip the hip hop. A good modern instructor will help you learn to use your core to develop shapes and drive your movement. The movements in jazz/hip hop don't translate to ballroom at all and only moderatly to rhythm/latin.

Here is what I do.

Flamenco: Helps you to break apart foot and arm movements. Really develops beautiful arm movements and is the basis for Paso Doble so you'll dance this beautifully if you practice in traditional (Iberian) Flamenco.

Belly Dance: Beautiful arm movements and core isolations as well as helping to build movement and flexibility that adds well to Latin.

Argentine Tango: Some will tell you not to do this dance. Don't listen. It creates a stunning ability to follow that will serve you well. I learned it in Argentina and continued classes in America. In the US my instructor was a modern dancer and so this built the framework for my core so it is why I think modern may help.

Ballet: I don't do it, but it can help build arm movements and articulation of the foot which is essential if you want to be a beautiful Latin dancer. Not to mention flexibility and control and core strength.

Core Rhythms: yes it does teach you great core isolations on fundamental Latin movements and flattens your belly so you can wear the Latin costumes with pride.

If you are hearing one thing...hear this...work on your core. You can't be a great dancer if you don't have core strength.

Good luck!
Re: other types of dance classes
Posted by matt
2/28/2010  5:27:00 AM
hi , well it good to see sound advice ,. being a male and having started in my late 40s i missed the simple things.. too macho and no sense.. since i started i danc compition and i have found that grouplessons are by far the best.. you learn by watching others and you have always the chance to get help from better pairs.. for the latin i wish i had done some form of ballet the hand and arm movments are impotant.. first you have to struggle with the holding and lead and follow..... good shoews and loose clothes help agood patner is someone that will not stop and go home when all is not going well. i am luck to have found a partner that loves to dance but due to family comitment is not able to do as offten as we would like... she has done folk dancing . formation and compition .. i wish you luck ..
Re: other types of dance classes
Posted by killerleon
2/25/2010  6:42:00 AM
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Re: other types of dance classes
Posted by Honey
4/28/2010  12:11:00 PM
Hi Tiffany,
I am a dancer / choreographer and have studied dance for many years. It's great that you want to broaden your dance knowledge and experience. Any and all styles will help your dance experience. It is great to learn many styles of dance and learning different styles only adds to your goal of being the best dancer you can be. Keep it up!
Honey Blonder
Re: other types of dance classes
Posted by omarhammid
12/17/2014  2:26:00 AM
Make a routine of dancing for some time and increase it day by day it helps in increasing your confidence as well as in making stamina. My personal experience is that if you dance in front of mirror will helps in enhancing your confidence.
Re: other types of dance classes
Posted by Voco
12/18/2014  12:49:00 AM
Classical Ballet classes help the ballroom dancer to understand aspects of dancing that are usually poorly explained in ballroom-group-classes. For example, the different postures required by the various dances. If you ask the top ballroom dancers, you will find that many have some form of ballet training.
Re: other types of dance classes
Posted by jwwerner
6/7/2015  2:50:00 PM
no new post here..
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