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Wedding Dance
Posted by aclay31
10/29/2011  3:04:00 PM
My fiance and I are trying to figure out what type of ballroom dance would go with our wedding song. Our first dance is to Tim McGraw's "Watch the Wind Blow By". We are having a second dance later in the evening to Michael Buble's "Feeling Good". Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

We have taken a couple of dance classes in the past and are working from a dance tutorial to continue improving it. I appreciate any help!
Re: Wedding Dance
Posted by dheun
10/29/2011  3:26:00 PM
Like many wedding couples, you've picked songs with great lyrics for the message between a new bride and groom. But not the best for your "first" dance. Professionals could certainly perform beautiful lyrical stuff to either of these songs, but you likely cannot. A very slow Fox Trot, with the sway step being the most prominent, might work for the Tim McGraw tune. Not sure on the Buble tune, it's a jazzy number, but you may be able to come up with something on your own. Or someone else may figure on a decent dance that would work. I have not heard that one enough, to be honest. But my suspicion is that a rumba won't quite work. Maybe tango, but I'm just guessing.
Either way, good luck and have fun.
Re: Wedding Dance
Posted by aclay31
10/29/2011  3:47:00 PM
We actually were going to try Rumba with the Tim McGraw song and thought we would try a Tango with the Michael Buble song. Not sure though...
Re: Wedding Dance
Posted by tangoll
10/29/2011  8:10:00 PM
The Tim McGraw tune has a beat similar to Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus, which is a good line dance number. So even if it's not the best wedding dance, if you really want to go with that piece, I would do a line dance. Maybe do this dance as the second dance, and invite other guests to join in.

For the Michael Buble number, I would do a social foxtrot, or something like that, and that would serve as a decent first dance. Then later on, do the McGraw as a line dance.
Re: Wedding Dance
Posted by dheun
11/1/2011  5:44:00 PM
Too slow for a true rumba in my opinion, unless you are professionals and do a choreographed lyrical dance with a story to it. That's not what you are looking for, obviously. I still think slow Fox Trot with nice sway steps is the way to go on the McGraw tune. There is a slow social dance version called the Foxy in some studios. Take the song to a dance studio, tell them you want it to be your first dance at your wedding, and see if the instructor cringes, or comes up with a decent idea. If you like the idea, take a few lessons. If you don't like the idea, just figure you at least got a second opinion. Google "slow country dance" and see what comes up on the radar.
Whatever you decide, you're going to have fun.
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