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Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by butterflies
9/4/2012  8:01:00 AM
Does anyone have any information on Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing the 1972 Edition.

I am under the impression that this edition is extremely rare and holds information regarding steps and arm movements that are not in any other edition of the book ranging from the 1960's to 2003. This book is also known as "The Green Book".

I have been able to find evey other edition of the book readily available online but not this one.

Any information regarding this book would be extremely helpful especially if someone could confirm that it is a rare copy.

Thank you
Re: Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by dorabora
9/10/2012  11:14:00 AM
Apparently the substance of the Green Book is included in the 2003 commemorative edition. But since I have not seen the Green Book I can't check this. I have looked at the Google books online version of the 1988 edition, and don't see the advice offered about arms in Rumba walks, so this 2003 edition might be as good as it gets.
Re: Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by ticodance
11/14/2012  8:06:00 AM
I have the Green Book!
Anything in particular I can help with?
Re: Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by BioSimon
12/15/2012  12:23:00 AM
I'm desperately looking for the Green Book as well! I own both the 1988 edition and the 2003, but cannot find the Green Book anywhere.
I hear it contains lots of additional information which was omitted later for some reasons.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately I dont think it is ever going to be re-published again :(
Re: Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by acker1465
8/21/2013  2:14:00 PM
I believe I have several past editions of Walter Laird's books including the green book in my library, I will check and post a follow up message if correct.
Re: Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by O.Z.
8/23/2013  6:26:00 PM
A bit of additional information regarding Laird's books. First published in 1961.
Revised in 1964 when Latin became part of the International Style of Ballroom Dancing. The next edition after that was published in 1972.
Re: Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by socialdancer
8/24/2013  7:02:00 AM
I don't have the 1961 version but AFAIK it covered associate figures only and did not include the Cha Cha which was still to be adopted by the dance world.

The 1964 edition, published by the Dance Teachers' Association, included all five latin dances up to Fellowship level. It was derived from Laird's articles in "The Dance Teacher" October 1963 to February 1964. It was a small book, more descriptive in style than we know today, reminiscent of Alex Moore's books of the time.

By 1972 the Dance Teacher's Association had added the word International to their name to become the IDTA, and the green book was published in tabular/chart format. No photographs yet so everything had to be described in words including the extra details on use of arms etc.
Re: Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by terence2
8/29/2013  3:39:00 AM
Interesting comment... Cha NOT being accepted by the dance "world " until early/mid 60s.. nOt quite true. The American system was teaching this way before that ( as was I ).

Now, IF you said the English B/room soc. had not, even then, some had.

Like most things in the dance world, the "english " have invariably become " Johnny come latelies ".. I grew up with the " english " system, and the powers that be, dont take quickly to change .
Re: Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by socialdancer
8/29/2013  4:57:00 AM
Agreed Terence2, but I was posting in the context of the Laird Technique rather than the history of dance, and the reference to the "world of dance" was somewhat tongue in cheek.

I was really just pointing out that the earlier editions of the book were very different from the later versions that we know and love. The Green Book was the first in that format.

For reference, the preface to the 1964 edition includes:
"Since the publication of the 1961 edition, the Cha Cha Cha has been included in the syllabus of professional examinations, and detailed descriptions are now given of the figures required for this dance."
Re: Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by O.K.
9/5/2013  2:14:00 PM
As usual we have conflicting stories. I read an article which says that Fred Kelly, the brother of Gene Kelly film actor. that Fred Kelly introduce the Cha Cha Cha to the USA and was the person who created it in its present form. Later everybody tries to take credit

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