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Is ballroom or hip hop dancing harder to learn?
Posted by Lenia
9/10/2013  11:56:00 AM
Do you think it is harder to learn how to dance a ballroom dance when you know how to dance hip hop, or is it harder to learn a hip hop dance if you know how to ballroom dance.
Or is it easier to learn how to dance hip hop if you have backround in ballroom or vise versa.

Please give me you opinion, It will be very much appreciated.
Re: Is ballroom or hip hop dancing harder to learn
Posted by fkilani
9/11/2013  4:24:00 AM
before you take my opinion , I should tell just a ballroom dance student who tried different types of dances before a found the dance that I'm passionate of (obviously ballroom), I'm not consider myself as a professional and not intended to be one.
If you learn one dance you can learn other. if decided to learn hip hop before ballroom you just need to work on your posture and your following skills. but you will catch-up a lot faster than anyone without dance experience. if you decided to learn hip hop after ballroom ( which I've tried to do that) you need to how to move differently but again you will catch-up a lot faster than anyone without dance experience.

which one is more difficult? it depends on individual differences. if you like both ballroom and hip hop and you have the time to do both, then go for it. if you can only choose one choose based on your priority.

Good luck.
Re: Is ballroom or hip hop dancing harder to learn
Posted by ladydance
9/11/2013  3:18:00 PM
I think you are comparing apples to oranges. I do not believe that knowing how to dance one dance helps the other all that much. Ballroom is done with a partner in close hold. How you dance depends a great deal on your partner, whether leader or follower. I have found that people who have danced other styles often presume they will have an easier time of it. They don't. We had a professional contemporary dancer in out studio struggle with triple swing. Body position and frame is everything in ballroom. Just keeping your arms up is a chore. If you watch the dance shows on TV, you will see that the hip hop dancers struggle with ballroom. If you have danced other styles, you will have an easier time with music and finding the beat but that's about it. Others may disagree, but this is what I have seen after working in a ballroom dance studio for 10 years.
Re: Is ballroom or hip hop dancing harder to learn
Posted by O.K.
9/11/2013  5:23:00 PM
When you say Ballroom Dancing you mean Waltz Foxtrot and so on. Latin is also classed as Ballroom. To divide the two the powers that be decided to call Waltz Foxtrot and so on The Standard Style and Latin as Latin. Anybody who is competent in Latin would have no trouble turning to Hip Hop. But for Hip Hop turning to Latin, except for the Jive, would find that Hip Hop would be of no help in any way.
Re: Is ballroom or hip hop dancing harder to learn
Posted by nloftofan1
9/12/2013  8:20:00 AM
In my opinion (only my opinion), it's harder for a hip hop dancer to learn to dance ballroom than vice versa. When you watch the TV show "So You Think You Can Dance," you see ballroom dancers, contemporary dancers, etc. dance hip hop choreography well, but many of these (mostly) highly trained dancers have trouble with Foxtrot or Rumba. I think (again, my opinion) that is because of the type of partnering (leading and following, etc.) required to dance ballroom well. When two hip hop dancers perform a routine they may be perfectly synchronized, but they are not dancing TOGETHER in the same way that a couple dancing Waltz in closed hold are.
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