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Finding the right studio in Fort Worth, Texas
Posted by breyes
5/22/2015  12:47:00 PM
My husband and I started at dancing at a chain studio a year ago to prepare for our wedding. We love the instructors but the high pressure sales pitches and cost has turned me off. We enjoy dancing together and work long hours so the "free" classes just go to waste. I recently looked at how much we have spent there as well as their contract and I'm disgusted. There has to be somewhere where we can enjoy learning without being harassed about competitions (which we have no desire to do) and that doesn't cost an extra car payment.
Re: Finding the right studio in Fort Worth, Texas
Posted by ballroomchick
5/27/2015  9:16:00 AM
YEP Arthur Murry Fort Worth will do that to you!

Cedar Hill:
Mondays - Group & private lessons
Instructor: John Laverty - he's a social dance teacher. He teaches out of different studios - Dancer Strong, Dance Maters, etc. Contact thru Face Book

Dancing on the Vine -studio
Private lessons
Instructor: Robert Silva (located in Euless) - he IS a competitive dance instructor, BUT does not push it if that is NOT what you want. Contact through Face Book

Hurst/Euless/Bedford areas
Private lessons
Instructor: David Conner (located in Frisco) - he IS a competitive dance instructor, BUT does not push that if that is not where the client wishes to go. He teaches out of a lot of different studios. He's on Face Book
Re: Finding the right studio in Fort Worth, Texas
Posted by jrandy
5/29/2015  6:50:00 PM
I have two suggestions
One is an indy studio called Dancemakers (west side just off of Camp bowie). I never have take privet there so I don't know if they pressure any but never heard any complaints. I have taken groups as they allow non students to take them which is nice. They also have a Fri night dance that is open to all. You do not find that at other studios. dancemakers.com
The other a place now known as BIRC or if you been around FTW for a while used to be LRMA They offer group classes three nights a week three classes a night. You will not get a lot of technique but a lot of patterns. The instructor also does privates at 40/hour last I heard. check www.Timetodance.com for details. Also if you are looking for good ballroom dances look up Tangofoot and Metrodance clubs. they do monthly dances many times with live bands.
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