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dance teacher put me with young kids
Posted by haylee&dance
9/16/2016  6:29:00 PM
i just want to say before i get started, i love dance and i really do try hard. i also really love EVERYONE there, there very nice and welcoming.

so im 16 years old (my birthday is in July) and im in 11th grade. iv'e only been doing dance since i was 11 while everyone i know has been doing dance since they were 3.

there is a level for 8-12 called intermediate
a level for 12-14 called juniors
and a level for 14-18 called senior

note: how well you do is based on what class she puts you in
and every level their is is jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, hip-hop, lyrical, pre-point, and point

for the last 5 years iv'e been stuck in the junior class. the first three years were great/awesome, i made lots of friends and i was trying so hard to be as good as the other girls. then the 4th year came(two years ago) most some of my friends in junior moved into senior and some of the intermediates moved to junior, i was OK because my best friend was still in the same class as me (she one year younger than i am).

ok so last year i was not happy at all. i was so embarrassed, my best friend moved into the senior class and im stuck in the juniors still! now i was the oldest, the tallest and i was also fifteen. everyone is two years younger than i am. so embarrassing watching everyone move up even my best friend that is younger than me moved up!

i wanted my mom to pull me out so bad, but that wasn't even an option. i cant do any other sport because im too old and (im home-schooled) the school district im in is really crappy. so i bit my tongue, dealt with the embarrassment because there would be no absolute way she would still keep me in junior next year, i would be sixteen, i would have my permit and i would be better at dancing. everyone last year said i improved so much and i dance just as good as the other girls and if not better.

well so my first day of dance was Wednesday and what do you know EVERYONE i mean everyone that was with in juniors last year moved into senior! every last kid in the junior class that is younger than me had moved up while i stayed in the same dang level. so now, im stuck in a class with the kids that just got out of intermediate that is 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old, 13 year old and 14 year old. IM 16, im in 11th grade, im graduating early next year and my teacher STILL wont move me up. despite the fact that im less experienced, im the 3rd oldest dancer in the entire studio (not including the teachers). i was really tearing up the entire time i was dancing, i was so embarrassed and my heart was really hurt because it made me feel really stupid that she thought i wasn't good enough to be in with my age level. i told my mom to pick me up after my first class was done because i couldn't take it no more.

i dont know what to do.... my mom will let me quit if i want to. she also thinks its complete crap that my dance teacher still kept in the junior class with a bunch of little kids while every one from last year moved up and i didn't. i plan on talking to her to move me up into senior next week when i go again. i just need someone else's opinions or someone who's was or still is in the same position to tell me what they did. if i quit i have NOTHING else to do
Re: dance teacher put me with young kids
Posted by ladydance
9/19/2016  10:32:00 AM
Talk to your teacher for sure before quitting or she won't know what was bothering you. There has to be a reason she has held you back and you should know what it is. Personally, I think it is more important you be with your peer group. Tell her you are willing to work hard to keep up but you are unhappy with the kids. There is no point being there and paying good money if you are desparately unhappy.
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