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Play whole dance
Posted by Andy Taylor-Maynard
2/6/2019  3:16:00 PM
Hi, I wish to watch the whole dance for a Syllabus level e.g. Bronze, but can't find how I can do it. All I can find are short videos for individual parts. These are very good but then difficult to put together.

Kind Regards Andy
Re: Play whole dance
Posted by nloftofan1
2/8/2019  10:54:00 AM
What you mean by "the whole dance" isn't clear. The syllabus consists of elements which can be put together in any order during a dance, as the leader chooses. Ballroom dancing isn't like square dancing (or round dancing), where you have a caller who tells you what to do next. If you're thinking of instructions for what do do during an entire dance, you mean choreography. Choreography that lasts three minutes won't be easy to find on the web but you can probably find some suggested combinations made up of pieces that follow one another well.
Re: Play whole dance
Posted by bocagirl
2/9/2019  12:22:00 PM
It can be hard when getting started. Here's what we did. Find a step in the bronze syllabus - call it "B". Go to the "Preceded by" tab. Pick a step - call it "A". Go to the Followed by Tab, and pick a step. Call it "C".

Now you have a combo! A - B - C.
You can do this with everything in the preceded by column, and followed by column, for a huge number of variations.

If you do this, you or your partner will learn to lead the steps through all sorts of variations. It is a SUPER WAY to make sure you are leading it properly, and entering and exiting in proper foot position and frame! Hope this helps.
Re: Play whole dance
Posted by sweetjkim
2/12/2019  1:39:00 PM
Exactly same idea. E.g. For chacha. Basic - underarm turn - New York New York-underarm turn -shoulder to shoulder- under Arm Turn - spot turn Like this common choreography

I have tried to connect next movement by preceded by and followed by. But to hard. I drew many single steps in a big paper to connect them by arrow.
Re: Play whole dance
Posted by nloftofan1
2/13/2019  10:18:00 AM
When my partner and I were first learning to dance, our instructor went through a syllabus. But I found it difficult to think "on the fly" about putting together a sequence of patterns. I went blank on things we had learned to do very well in class. What worked for us was to put together a small amalgamation, just a sequence of four or five figures, and do that. Repeating that amalgamation three or four times got us through a dance, and–more important–helped us build confidence and gain experience.
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