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6. Crossover Back Breaks

The simplest variation of a Crossover Break is the same danced in reverse, the rock step being taken back rather than forward.

The position one associates with Crossover Back Breaks is the same as the Crossovers Forward: man and lady standing side-by-side, with a single-hand hold. Partners can be in left side-by-side position (e.g. lady standing on man's left side), with the man's left hand holding lady's right, or in right side-by-side position (e.g. lady standing on man's left side), with the man's right hand holding lady's left.

A Crossover Back Break to Left is danced after a side step to left (slow) in open facing position. The man releases the RH-LH hold, then turns 1/4 to right while using the LH-RH hold to lead the lady to turn 1/4 to her left, to end in left side-by-side position. From side-by-side position they dance a back rock step -- man RF, lady LF (quick, quick). They then turn 1/4 in the opposite direction (man to left, lady to right) to return to open facing position, and follow with a side step to right (slow).

A Crossover Break to Right is the mirror image, taken after a side step to right (slow) in open facing position, and turning to right side-by-side position for the back rock step on man's LF, lady's RF (quick, quick). It is followed by a side step to left (slow).

Note that the Crossover Back Break to Right can only be taken from open facing position because it requires a RH-LH hold. If beginning in closed hold, the couple can instead dance a Fifth Position Break, and then follow that with a Crossover Back Break to Left.

Crossover Back Breaks can be repeated as desired, alternating from left side to right side. They can be freely and easily combined with Crossover Breaks Forward, Crossover Turns, 5th Position Breaks, and Underarm Turn to Right.


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