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4. Underarm Turn to Right

The Underarm Turn to Right in Bolero is similar to that of Cha Cha, Rumba and Mambo, where the man leads the underarm turn while dancing a back rock on his right foot. However, there is a slight difference in the man's amounts of turn -- a result of the unique Bolero rock step action, where the second step is longer than the first.

On the first side step, the man and lady turn 1/8 to right. He must then turn an additional 1/8 as he begins his RF back rock, so that as he slides his left foot forward, it does not intersect with the lady's path. While taking his back rock, he leads the lady to dance a switch turn to her right under the joined LH-RH hold, finishing in left side-by-side position. They then each turn 1/4 -- man to left, lady to right -- to face each other to return either to closed or open facing position.

If the man chooses to return to closed position, he should take step 4 to the side & slightly forward (as written in the man's chart). Alternatively, he can step directly to the side and remain in open facing position.

The figure can also begin in closed position. It does not require a preceding Open Break (an action that is somewhat awkward in Bolero in any case), but on step 1 the man should increase space in the dance position by increasing tone in the arms and extending them slightly, to make space for the lady to turn.

4b. Progressive Underarm Turn to Right

The progressive version of the Underarm Turn to Right is taken in open position, in a slotted path similar to that of the Progressive Basic. The man dances the first half of the Progressive Basic while leading the lady to dance a Switch Turn turn to right under raised LH-RH hold. Her switch turn is similar to that of the basic Underarm Turn to Right, except that the first step is taken directly toward him, and the second step directly away, similar to the Chase Full Turn in Cha Cha.

The Progressive Underarm Turn to Right is a more natural choice of underarm turn when preceding or following similarly slotted figures such as Progressive Basic, Underarm Pass, and Side Pass. It can be repeated as desired and mixed freely with these figures, among others. For a complete list of possibilities, refer to the precede and follow tabs above.


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