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7. Back Corte
Fact Sheet
Official Name:Back Corte
Dance / Level:Intermediate Bronze Tango
Closed Finish (ending to Open Reverse Turn or Rock Turn)

Corté is a Spanish word meaning cut, and has been chosen as a name for several figures in both the International and American syllabi. In each case, it is an indication that the figure "cuts back", or chages direction from forward to back. In the case of the International Tango, the Back Corté is a simple action of 4 steps, starting with a back step for the man -- hence the name Back Corté.

Figures in Tango are typically ended with man facing diagonal wall, preparing to step forward with his left foot. In a corner of the room, or when traffic interferes, the Back Corte comes to the rescue, providing the man with a simple option to back away and turn 1/4 to the left. At the corner, this quarter turn moves the couple slightly away from the walls and reorients the man's alignment to diagonal wall of the new line of dance. At the side of the room, this leaves the man facing diagonal center, ready to move into any type of Reverse Turn.

The figure begins with man's left foot back, left side leading, counted "slow", and is followed by a Closed Finish, counted "QQS" (lady natural opposite). As with all Reverse Turns, the Closed Finish may be replaced by the Open Finish, or any other alternative described in the Reverse Endings.

In closed position with lady in-line, the first step of the Back Corte is typically taken with a man's left side (and lady's right side) leading. However, there are two occasions where the figure could begin with lady forward in CBMP, outside partner: (1) Following a checked Open Finish, and (2) following a checked Open Promenade.

Dancers who study both International and American style should be aware that the International Back Corté and the Simple Corté of American Tango are two very different beasts. Although the name derives from the same overarching concept of a movement that "cuts back", the similarities end there. International dancers should be aware of the very distinctive shaping and lunge-like qualities of the American Corte; Conversely, American style dancers should be aware that the International Tango Corté has no lunge or checking action, and should be danced with a more continuous walking quality.


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