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12. Natural Twist Turn
Fact Sheet
Official Name:Natural Twist Turn
Dance / Level:Full Bronze Tango
Aliases:Twist Turn, Promenade Twist Turn, Promenade with Lady's Walkaround
Closed Promenade

The action known as a "Twist Turn", is, ironically, one of untwisting. One foot is crossed loosely behind the other, and the body turns toward the direction of the back foot (e.g. to the right when the RF is crossed behind), with the weight distributed roughly equally between the ball of the back foot and the heel of the front foot. When the weight is properly distributed in this way, the feet will naturally untwist as the body turns, ending closed after approximately 3/4 of a turn.

In the Tango figure known as Natural Twist Turn, it is the man who executes the twist turn action while the lady walks around him. The turn is to the right, hence the name Natural Twist Turn.

Starting from promenade position, the man and lady take the normal two promenade walks. On step 3, the man turns to the right to close up to the lady, stepping to the side on his left foot, while she steps forward on her right foot between his feet. These 3 steps are taken to the counts "SQQ".

It is the fourth step where the man sets up the twist by crossing his right foot loosely behind his left, shifting his weight partially toward the ball of the right foot (right heel raised). He then executes the untwisting action while the lady walks around him, LRL, to the counts "SQQ". On the last step, the man shifts his weight completely to the right foot, leading the lady to turn to promenade position.

The figure as a whole turns 1 full turn to right, however, half of it is done by the man during the first 3 steps. Therefore, the man's untwisting action itself only consists of about 1/2, which is not enough for his feet to naturally close. This is normal and should be expected. By the time the lady's last step is taken and the man has shifted his weight to the right foot, his left foot will be slightly apart, in a normal promenade position, with the inside edge of the ball of the left foot in contact with the floor.

Alternative amounts of turn for the Natural Twist Turn are 7/8 or 3/4 to right overall. A Twist with 7/8 to right can be used to begin moving in promenade down line of dance, then followed by a figure that moves in promenade toward diagonal center. A Twist with 3/4 to right is especially useful for turning corners, moving down line of dance and finishing with man and lady prepared to move in promenade down the new line of dance.

12b. Overturned Twist

A variation of the ending to the Natural Twist Turn can be done where the man does not lead the lady to promenade on the final step. Instead, she remains in closed position, and the man overturns to step back into the following figure.

The Overturned Twist can be followed by a Back Corté, 3-8 Rock Turn, or a LF Back Rock.


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