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2. Progressive Chasse

The Progressive Chassé is a simple left-turning 4-step figure that progresses down line of dance, to the counts "Slow, quick quick slow". It is often paired with the Quarter Turn to Right, but has many other applications as well.

The figure begins with man backing (and lady facing) diagonal center. The man steps back with his right foot, then side with his left, closing left foot to his right, and finishing with a step side and slightly forward on his left foot, having turned 1/4 to left overall to end facing diagonal wall. The lady's part is the natural opposite.

When danced in alternating succession, the Quarter Turn to Right and Progressive Chassé form a sort of zig zag pattern that progresses down line of dance. These two figures alone are enough to form a complete dance for an absolute newcomer, although the sequence must be modified slightly navigating around corners. This can be done either by (1) underturning the Quarter Turn and overturning the Progressive Chassé, or (2) dancing a Checked Chasse in lieu of the normal Progressive Chassé.

The Progressive Chassé can also begin with man backing line of dance, such as when following the Chassé Reverse Turn. In this case, the couple will turn 3/8 to left overall, to end moving toward diagonal wall.

2b. Checked Chasse

When the Progressive Chassé is danced approaching a corner, it can be checked at the end, in order to change direction and back out toward the new line of dance.

The first four steps are taken as a normal Progressive Chasse. Then the couple checks as the man steps forward outside partner on his right foot. They then change direction, with man stepping back on his left foot, lady forward on her right foot, outside partner on man's right. They end moving toward diagonal center of the new line of dance, prepared to dance any figure beginning with man's right foot back, such as another Progressive Chassé, or a Reverse Pivot.


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